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We are pleased to announce the new M3302 CFAST Tester & M3100 CFAST Duplicator and Tester SATA testers.

CFast™ card is the next generation Compact Flash card that has the same physical form factor as that of a Compact Flash card but uses SATA interface. CFast™  cards are Fast, as the name says, and offer a significantly higher data transfer speeds than the Compact Flash cards.

CFast cards are expected to be the sequel for Compact Flash cards and we are hopeful that IMI can establish its niche in CFast™ testing just as we did in Compact Flash card testing with our M7100 CF Tester & M7200 CF Tester

IMI’s M3302 & M3300 Testers will offer the following CFast™ test functions:

  • VCC Margin Test
  • ICC Measurement test – Stand By & Active
  • ICC Max Limit Set
  • Test  Card Detect I/O Pins (CDI, CDO)
  • Test  LED Output Pins (LED1, LED2)
  • Test CMOS  I/O Pins (IO1, IO2, IO3)
  • Read/Write Functional Testing
  • Speed Testing
  • Verify ID Drive Information
  • Duplication Support

Please contacts us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to obtain further information regarding our CFast™ Testers.

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