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Mass storage devices are critical components in modern computer systems. When power to a mass storage device is unexpectedly interrupted, failure in the storage device and  the computer system using the storage device may cause either temporary or permanent damage.  One major manufacturer reports that 75% of all failures reported for their hard drives were a result of power loss to the drive.

Because of the serious consequences of power loss to computer storage devices and the high correlation between power loss and storage device failure, both manufacturers and users of the drives desire a convenient means of testing the results of power loss to these devices.

IMI has come up with a new method for monitoring the activity in a storage device that can be used to tightly control the timing of the power loss event so as to provide an easy and repeatable power loss test methodology for potential users of the storage devices.  The new method relies on an electronic circuit that closely monitors the dynamic current usage of a storage device to create a controlled power loss to the device during write and read drive activity.

Using this method, the designer of a storage drive is given the means to predictably cause a power loss in a storage device which in turn can lead to improved storage device power loss protection.

We are happy to announce that, Mr. Peter Schade, President of IMI will be presenting a talk on this new test architecture at the Flash memory summit this year. Mr. Schade is the chief architect of many of the IMI instruments, and holds a number of patents related to semi-conductor memory cards.

We’ll also be exhibiting at the Flash memory summit show at Booth# 811 and look forward to seeing you there.


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