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M3100 CFAST Duplicator

Industrial Cfast™ Tester

4 socket Engineering Tester for CFast™ cards.
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 M3100 CFAST Duplicator

The M3100 is a professional CFAST duplicator that performs fast parallel duplication of CFAST devices.


  •  Ultra fast copying for up to 8 drives in parallel. >250MB/s
  •  IMI Smart Copy function copies only the used portions of a master device to the target devices.
  •  Flexible copy modes such as “% of Disk” to copy all system file types


  •  7" Touch screen display allows fast and easy stand-alone duplication.
  •  Easy to use intuitive menu system provides quick and easy job set-up, simply choose an operation from the touch screen menu and you are up and running.



  •  M3100 offers sector to sector copy meaning that the target drives are 100% identical to the original master drive.
  • Includes the best and most reliable verification process possible by performing a check on the target drive using a 'bit-by-bit' verification against the master.
  •  Auto verification using CRC32 & MD5 check.



  •  The M3100 can be run either standalone from the easy to use Touch screen menu or via the built in PC allowing user defined test and duplication jobs.
  •  Removable adapter modules allowing quick and easy configuration changes.
  •  Through its unique design, the M3100 allows you to write your own scripts and adapt the system to your specific needs in your production environment.


The M3100 CFAST duplicator is High speed and designed to be used in medium to high production environments.


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