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M1500 SD card Duplicator supporting UHS-1 speeds


The M1500 is a 8 slot high speed SD Flash Duplicator that duplicates SD, MiniSD, and MicroSD which supports UHS-1 specification and is ideal for simple mass duplication.

Offering the abilty to verify bit for bit and providing a checksum of your data this system provides accurate copies every time.
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PC Driven Micro SD Duplication System

The M1500 is a professional high speed duplication system that performs fast parallel duplication of all types of SD card.


  • Supports UHS-1 SD specification for high speed duplication.
  • Auto detection of the master device speed is used to provide the maximum speed for duplication.


  • A large LCD display and four front panel keys allow fast and easy stand-alone duplication.
  • Easy to use intuitive menu system provides quick and easy job set-up, simply select from a list of predefined settings and one click and you are up and running.


  • M1500 fast copy method is binary image copy meaning that the target devices are 100% identical to the original master device.
  • Includes the best and most reliable verification process possible by performing a check on the target devices using a 'bit-by-bit' verification against the master.
  • A master checksum is automatically calculated and displayed during every program and verify operation.


  • 8 slot configuration and supports all types of micro SD.
  • Can be run either standalone from the easy to use menu system or via the built in PC allowing user defined test and duplication jobs.
  • Removable socket boards allowing quick and easy configurational changes.
  • With the M5500 you don’t necessarily need to copy your data from a master drive. A Master can be copied into an image file that can be stored on the large local hard drive.
  • Through its unique design the M1500 allows you to write your own scripts and adapt the system to your specific needs in your production environment.
  • Low Level Card CIS & CID Register Access & Write/Read Functional Tests
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