M3308 CFAST, SATA & SAS Tester / Duplicator

CFAST/SATA/SAS Engineering Tester capable of testing up to 8 devices at a time

Supported form factors include 3.5”, 2.5", 1.8", MO-297 & MO-300 SSD's using SATA 1.5GB/sec, SATA 3 GB/sec, SATA 6 GB/sec single channel interfaces and SAS (6GB/sec) one and two channel.

  • Full feature Linux Computer
    • Intel CPU Processor running a Standard Linux 2.6 Kernel
    • 320GB 3.5" hard drive
  • Supports custom test scripts for complete test coverage of SAS/SATA SSD's
  • Ideal for engineering testing, manufacturing sampling, qualification testing, RMA test & evaluation and Failure analysis of SAS/SATA SSD’s


  • support up to 8 units of 2.5”, 1.8”, 3.5" SATA & SAS devices
  • Removable socket boards to support all types of SATA &n SAS devices including micro SATA, mini SATA, and custom SATA connectors

SSD Testing Functions:

  • VCC and ICC margin testing
  • VCC random power on and off testing
  • Mode testing include PIO, DMA, and UDMA
  • Smart Commands
  • CSI and ATA Pass Thru Commands
  • Speed testing
  • Duplication Commands including smart copy support for most File Systems
  • Custom scripts
  • Low Level Format commands are supported on an individual controller specific level

Duplication functions include use of Source data residing a file, pattern, or Master device placed in the first socket. Smart Copy Functions are available that allow fast duplication of FAT, NFTS, HFS+, EXT2 and EXT3 formatted drives.

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