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M5315B Industrial USB 3.0 Duplicator

The M5315 duplication system is the fastest USB Duplicator available that supports USB 3.0 Super Speed and USB 2.0 High Speed devices. The duplicator comes with a built-in PC running a full Linux operating system that tests and copies any USB storage device including USB Hard Drives at super speeds.
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PC Driven USB Duplication & Testing System

M5315 USB Duplicators can test and copy any USB storage device including USB hard drives, mobile phones, PND's, and PDA's.

Super Speed USB Duplication

  •  USB 3.0 Master copy speed > 3.5 GB/min for up to 15 devices in parallel
  •  USB 3.0 Master verify speed > 2.5 GB/min for up to 15 devices in parallel
  •  Smart Copy functions which copy only the used portions of a master USB Drive to the target drives.



  •  The easy to use, intuitive software makes job set-up quick and easy.
  •  Quick and easy erase and format of any USB device.



  • Extremely reliable 'bit-by-bit' verification process as well as verify options for lower reliability and faster duplication.



  •  Able to duplicate and test USB Hard Drives, Mobile phones, PND's and PDA's without the need for external USB device power supplies.
  •  Copy files from the built in PC, connected storage media or from your network.


The M5315 is a professional USB Duplication and Test System that offers more than simple data duplication from a master drive. With easy to use intuitive software, quick and easy job set-up is possible.

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