M5615B Industrial USB 3.0 Tester

The M5615 tester is a 16 Socket Bench top Production and Engineering Tester that supports USB 3.0 Super Speed and USB 2.0 High Speed devices. The tester comes with a built-in PC running a full Linux operating system that tests and copies any USB storage device including USB Hard Drives at super speeds.

PC Driven USB Test & Duplication System

M5615 USB Testers can test and copy any USB storage device including USB hard drives, mobile phones, PND’s, and PDA’s. With easy to use intuitive software, quick and easy job set-up is possible.

USB Testing Functions:

  • Fast parallel tester executing user defined test scripts that are constructed using a powerful yet easily understood GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • DC parametric leakage testing
  • ICC measurement
  • VCC margining
  • Write/read speed testing
  • Functional testing (Program/Verify)
  • Duplication support with multiple copy modes

The M5615 runs under a full featured Linux operating system with a 17″ LCD, keyboard, and mouse. Network interface is through 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection. Logging of test data is done through a SQL database.

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