M5500-32-SD Professional SD & uSD card Duplicator

32 slot professional duplicator for SD and MicroSD cards with speeds of up to 4.8GB per minute

'bit-by-bit' verification and checksum provides accurate copies every time

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  • Ultra fast copying up to 50 MB/sec for up to 32 devices in parallel using IMI patented SD duplication technology.
  • Auto detection of the master device speed is used to provide the maximum speed for duplication.


  • Supports stand-alone operation
  • Intuitive menu system provides quick and easy job set-up


  • Binary image copy for 100% identical to the original master device
  • Uses a 'bit-by-bit' verification against the master
  • Master checksum verifies operation
  • CRC, MD5, & SHA1 validity checks verifies operation
  • SQL log database tracks all jobs and programmed devices


  • Removable socket boards to support all types of micro SD
  • Image file that can be stored on the large local hard drive
  • Supports scripts to adapt to your production needs
  • Low Level Card CIS & CID Register Access & Write/Read Functional Tests
  • User defined M5500 Jobs support a wide range of duplication functions including SD Erase, Master Image file creation and use, Smart Copy, etc.
  • Job launch via Bar is available and standard. Ethernet connectivity is provided.
  • SD register information including SD device serial number is recorded and logged
  • Supports scripts to adapt to your production needs