IMI Support for M.2 SATA Flash Memory Modules 

The IMI M3200/M3100 Flash Drive Duplicators now support M.2 Flash SATA Drives using IMI’s proprietary M.2 connectors. Watch our M2-SATA-DEMO.mp4 video below
Or browse our data sheets for the IMI M3100(8 slot) or M3200(16 slot) Flash Drive SATA,SAS, & CFAST duplicators

Professional test and duplication equipment for SATA / SSD / CFast drives
Super Fast Operation, Ease of Use, Stand Alone Operation: 8, 16, 32 Slots
Linux Based, External Network Connectivity, UserTCL Scripts
Optional User Supplied LCD, key & Mouse

M1600 m2 adapter


8 slots for HDD and SSD


16 slots, SATA/SAS HDD & SSD

16 slots Adaptor for M.2 SATA drives

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