M5132-PR Professional USB 3.1 Gen 1 & USB 2.0 Duplicator

32 slot Stand Alone, Terminal, & Network Control

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Advanced Features!

  • Create CD-ROM partitions, upload your ISO standard image to the Duplicator to then create a USB drive that appears as a CD-ROM.
  • Multiple Partitions - Create a 2 partition USB drive, make one or both Read only if required
  • Single Partition WORM drive. Create a single Read-Only partition.
  • All available on any of our USB Duplicators as a add-on function.
  • Suitable for specific SMI / Alcor or Phison based USB drives, please check compatibility with your local IMI office.

Super Speed USB Duplication

  • USB 3.1 Master copy speed of 3 GB/min for up to 31 devices in parallel
  • Fast Copy functions which copy only the used portions of a master USB Drive to the target drives for FAT, FAT32 or exFAT file systems
  • Smart Copy support  for EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, HFS+ File Formats


  • Easy to use Graphical user interface
  • Front Panel Control using Five Quick keys
  • Copy from a master drive, image file or any regular file
  • Copy/verify asynchronously from files


  • Binary Copy works with any file format
  • Extremely reliable 'bit-by-bit' verification process and automatic Checksum display
  • CRC, MD5 or SHA-1 optional verify check
  • Binary Image sector by sector copying for exact duplication

Other Features

  • Erase and Format (Full Format or Quick Format) USB drives
  • Automatic SQL database  stores duplication results and logs
  • Can be used for SD, MicroSD, CF cards using external USB 3.1 card readers
  • Support for Bar Code Launch of Specified Job
  • Create CD-ROM & Read-Only partitions (Optional)
  • Network connection to Windows Servers (Optional)

The M5132-PR is an ideal solution for advanced USB duplication requirements. With both Binary & Smart copy features, SQL database for logging, the M5132-PR offers a high quality and reliable solution for USB duplication.