Industry Standard Production M5132 USB 3.0 Duplicator

  • Stand Alone or Run with LCD, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Powerful Scripted Jobs allow Locking of USB Drives, Bar Coded Launched Jobs, System Linux calls, Network Operations
  • Standard SQL Data base of Job Results with User Selected Parameters
  • High Speed support of USB 3.0 Superspeed Devices
  • Image copy of Master Devices with Checksum, MD5, and SHA-1 Verfiy Checks
  • Erase with User Defined Values or all 0’s or 1’s
  • Network ready with standard Linux control capable of 1GB Ethernet connection to User Servers
  • Simple and Fast Stand Alone Copy and Verify Fucntions with Simple Key Entry and Built-in LCD Display
  • An industry Standard with 100’s used throughout the world

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